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Integrated Annual Report 2012
The Culture of Values


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Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Integrated Annual Report 2012

Strategic goals


Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development are part of the vision of LOTOS Group operations, and are reflected in both the Business Strategy and the CSR Strategy. In 2012, the Board of Grupa LOTOS approved the updated CSR Strategy for the LOTOS Group, effective – just like the Business Strategy – until 2015.

When working on the new strategic perspective for the CSR, we had the ISO 26000 standard in mind, which describes CSR as taking responsibility for the impact of an organization's decisions and actions on society and the environment by acting in an ethical and transparent way, all of which:

  • Contributes to sustainable development;
  • Takes into account the expectations of stakeholders (persons or groups interested in the company’s decisions or activities);
  • Is in compliance with applicable law and consistent with international behavioural norms;
  • Is integrated throughout the organization and practised within its sphere of influence.

In line with the principles we follow, as a socially responsible business we seek to:

  • Consider the social and environmental aspects of our decisions,
  • Take responsibility for the impact of our decisions and actions on society and the environment,
  • Build business models contributing additional value to the company and its stakeholders,
  • Integrate business goals with important social and environmental issues.

The LOTOS Group's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy until 2015 has defined the objectives to be achieved in individual areas of activity. For each of these objectives, a set of targets and action plans has been created to support the achievement of the results envisaged in the Strategy.

  • With respect to investment in human resources, our objective is to ensure the availability of the highly qualified staff required to successfully implement our business strategy and enhance our corporate culture based on adopted values.
  • As regards health and safety, our priority is to increase the awareness and involvement in work safety improvement among management staff, employees and contractors.
  • As regards integration with the local community, our principal goal is to undertake initiatives that help to ensure lasting solutions to social and environmental issues vital to our local communities.
  • In the area of management of natural resources in the production process, we seek to reduce environmental risk and continually minimise the environmental impact of the LOTOS Group's operations.
  • In terms of ethics and the prevention of misconduct, we seek to improve our management by ensuring ethical conduct and the transparency of business processes, as well as by protecting the organization against misconduct.
  • Our strategic goal with respect to partnership relations with the market environment is to build lasting customer relationships by focusing on understanding customers' needs and ensuring expected product quality and safety.
  • As regards energy sector security, our objective is to support initiatives designed to enhance energy sector security in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  • As regards communication, we aim to ensure that communication with employees is timely and appropriate to their various needs. We also seek to build organizational culture based on multi-directional, open communication, including through the development of a system of public consultations within the LOTOS Group.

Jowita Twardowska

Communication & CSR Director at Grupa LOTOS

More effective CSR

In order to achieve the highest possible level of effectiveness of our CSR strategy we have developed - following large-scale consultations - detailed operational plans and target measures in each key area defined in the strategy. Implementation of these plans is overseen by individual area leaders, who report to the Board of Grupa LOTOS. Our practice in this respect is the same as in the case of the business strategy.

For the purposes of internal reporting of our results, in 2012 we created a special tool for monitoring the progress of the CSR strategy's implementation over the coming years. This monitoring tool, tailored to the current business reporting needs of the Company, enables us to present our implementation progress on several levels: cumulative level of CSR objective implementation, individual areas and key objectives, operational targets and actions. Each key area of the strategy is assigned weights compliant with the criteria applied to assess the organizational maturity of the LOTOS Group.

In considering all of the above criteria in the period under analysis, we implemented they key objectives assumed for 2012 to 96%. We also implemented 93 of 97 planned operational actions. The few deviations from the plan were caused by organizational and technological changes within the company, and as such were a result of objective circumstances.

CSR mechanisms in the LOTOS Group are evaluated in terms of maturity on a par with other key management areas. The evaluation has been made every year since 2011, when its pilot implementation took place. This internal mode of strategy evaluation gives us appropriate notice of risks related to the implementation of CSR strategy and allows us to take any necessary corrective measures, and also with respect to other key management areas.

It should be emphasised that CSR, which is included as part of mainstream management thanks to the mechanism described above (amongst other things), supports the improvement of many practices in our organization and helps to enhance its operational efficiency at large. Skilfully implemented strategy engages the company in attaining set objectives in all areas that affect its business operations. The co-existence of the social and business perspectives also has educational functions, increasing employees' awareness of sustainable development and CSR issues.

Another effective element of our efforts is the openness of our relations with our business and social partners in the pursuit of sustainable development, both within the industry and generally in relation to society. Our commitment is evidenced by the fact that we are among the signatories of the Declaration on Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector in Poland, initiated by Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo, one of our key business partners. The Declaration emphasises:

  • The need to ensure the efficient functioning of companies and the industry while maintaining due regard for both energy security and environmental protection,
  • The need to jointly promote energy-efficient solutions, develop and implement cleaner and more efficient technologies, overcome investment barriers in the energy sector and take environmental impact into consideration at all stages of a project's execution,
  • The need to build an open market, where customers and energy providers can successfully assert their rights,
  • The need to take care of customers, including socially vulnerable ones, by deploying schemes aimed to facilitate their access to energy,
  • Participation in development of renewable energy sources, and harnessing of the potential offered by scientific and technological innovation; working towards a consistent and stable regulatory framework,
  • Improvement of occupational health and safety and taking initiatives aimed to ensure equal career opportunities for men and women.


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