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Integrated Annual Report 2012
The Culture of Values


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Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Integrated Annual Report 2012



We have defined three key stakeholder groups in the LOTOS Group's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for 2012-2015. Each is taken into account in the decision-making processes having an actual or potential impact on their representatives. We endeavour to build positive relations with all these groups, although the extent and nature of our impact on them, as well as their expectations of us, tend to differ.

We identified the individual stakeholder groups in the course of preparing our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy in 2011. At that time, we invited their representatives to participate in the consultations on our strategic objectives in the area of corporate social responsibility. Further, in pursuit of our CSR Strategy, we also perform periodical assessment of individual social initiatives, e.g. surveys among the beneficiaries of our activities.



Group companies 

Trade unions

Employee Council

Local communities


Local government institutions

Government administration

Science and research institutes, and educational centres

Employer organizations


Natural environment

Contractors and subcontractors 



Trade partners


Industry organizations and international institutions

Regulatory and monitoring organizations

Capital market participants

We employ various tools and means of communication to build our relationships with individual stakeholder groups in a responsible manner, in line with expectations. Our commitment to the improvement of communication practices is visible from our discussion of the issue in our Code of Ethics, in place since 2013.

Effective communication, the aim of which is to facilitate understanding of assigned objectives and tasks, is key to strong employee performance. We make every effort to ensure that the rules governing the internal flow of information in the LOTOS Group are understandable and precise. In employee interactions, we value the willingness to cooperate and make concessions, exemplified by open and professional communication and active solicitation of feedback. We respond to proposed internal communications improvements and help build and enhance the interpersonal skills of our employees. We seek to maintain open and responsible communication with our external partners, without compromising their reputation or commitments.

Source: The LOTOS Group’s Code of Ethics

Selected tools and methods for building relations with stakeholders in 2012
Employees In-person meetings, intranet platform, intranet kiosks, mobile service, corporate newsletter, training, opinion polls. We have extended the intranet service to mobile devices and launched an English version to ensure that employees in Norway and Lithuania have access to current information.  We have also made efforts to develop the public consultations system across the LOTOS Group.
Local communities Social programmes and initiatives, internet service, opinion polls, consultations with members of local communities. We improved our online communications by creating relevant corporate profiles on Facebook and YouTube. On our website, we created a section devoted to sustainable growth.
NGOs In-person meetings, social programmes, internet service, annual report, opinion polls. We joined the Development Initiation Forum – an innovative platform for cooperation between the three sectors in the Pomerania region. We also held a CSR workshop in conjunction with a specialised NGO.
Capital market participants Current and periodic reports, annual reports, in-person meetings, conferences, conference calls, internet service, Analyst’s Day and Investor’s Day events. We extended the statement of compliance with corporate governance standards in the annual report, and the Corporate Governance section under the Investor Relations tab of our website, to include issues of business ethics and activities initiated under the Ethical Conduct Programme.
Public authorities Annual report, lobbying, in-person meetings, conferences. We have actively participated in consultation and law-making processes for energy sector regulations in Poland and the EU.
Customers Call service, internet service, information provided through products, direct contact, social campaigns as part of the loyalty programme, satisfaction surveys. We have adopted a uniform model for our customer satisfaction surveys and have standardized the complaints procedure. We have also developed a project for the implementation of a customer relationship management system enabling determination of synthetic customer service indices.


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