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Integrated Annual Report 2012
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Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Integrated Annual Report 2012

Awards and distinctions


Companies comprising the LOTOS Group have received numerous awards and distinctions in areas of key importance, such as corporate social responsibility, quality of products and services, and corporate management. Presented below are distinctions earned in 2012, by category.

Corporate social responsibility

  1. In recognition of its socially responsible approach to business and compliance with exacting CSR standards, Grupa LOTOS was awarded a Silver CSR Leaf. This distinction is awarded by the Polityka weekly and PwC to companies whose CSR principles are consistent with ISO 26000.
  2. LOTOS service stations received the 2012 European Trusted Brands Crystal Award in the "Petrol Retailer" category. LOTOS stations gained the highest score in four areas: quality, strong image, understanding of customer needs, and corporate social responsibility. The European Trusted Brands survey, published by Reader’s Digest is one of Europe's largest and most expansive consumer surveys.
  3. Grupa LOTOS became the 2012 CSR Sector Leader. In the annual poll published by the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily, the Company came third in the fuels, energy and production category. Winners are chosen from among the biggest Polish companies, ranked according to the quality of their CSR management. The poll is prepared by Bolesław Rok from the Business Ethics Centre of Akademia Leona Koźminskiego (Kozminski University), under the auspices of the Responsible Business Forum (FOB), and is verified by PwC.
  4. Grupa LOTOS was included twice in the RESPECT Index – the index of the most socially responsible WSE-listed companies.
  5. Grupa LOTOS was awarded a distinction in the ESG Analysis of Companies in Poland, prepared by the Polish Association of Listed Companies in cooperation with Accreo Taxand and GES. The goal of the project is to increase the transparency of non-financial data reporting in companies by building an interactive knowledge base covering all listed companies, and to provide reliable non-financial data to analysts, investors, and other stakeholders.
  6. Grupa LOTOS won the main prize in the second edition of the Eco-responsibility in business contest organised by the Ecomanager monthly. The contest rewards companies that take special measures to minimise their environmental footprint. Its main goal is to recognise those companies operating in the industrial sector that have implemented environmentally-friendly projects in the preceding year (including investment, educational, and informational projects). The contest is open also to enterprises that place a special emphasis on their CSR policy. The evaluation focuses on activities aimed at minimising both the corporate environmental footprint and the product environmental footprint.
  7. Grupa LOTOS ranked third in the Most Sought-After Employers in 2012 by Experts and Managers survey in the energy, fuels and gas category. This survey was prepared by Antal International and the Business Center Club.
  8. The crew of LOTOS Petrobaltic's 'Baltic Beta' platform received the 'Safe Unit' distinction in the Safest Production Unit competition. The competition is organised by the State Mining Authority and by Fundacja Bezpieczne Górnictwo im. prof. Wacława Cybulskiego (Wacław Cybulski Safe Mining Foundation).
  9. Tadeusz Szkudlarski, the CEO of LOTOS Czechowice, received the 2012 Fair Play Company certificate and was named a Fair Play Ambassador in Business. The programme is organised by the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy, and is affiliated with the Polish Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the programme is to promote business ethics, understood as a set of ethical conduct rules in relations between enterprises and their customers, business partners, employees, the local community, and local and central government authorities, as well as to support the development of enterprises by promoting those companies operating in accordance with the law and with the principles of business ethics.

The LOTOS brand – quality of products and services

  1. The LOTOS brand received two prestigious 2012 Superbrands awards in the 6th edition of the contest awarding the strongest consumer and business brands in Poland. The awards were granted to Grupa LOTOS in the Corporate brand category, and to LOTOS Paliwa for Service Station brand. Superbrands Ltd. is an organization operating in 85 countries worldwide that recognises the strongest, most successful brands in their sectors. The winners of the Polish edition were voted by members of the Rada Marek (Brands Board), including 39 leading Polish experts in branding, marketing, and advertising, and by a group of 2,700 respondents in a consumer survey. The criteria include brand recognition, unique benefits offered by the brand, and the quality of its links with customers.
  2. The LOTOS Optima brand was awarded the Good Product – Consumer's Choice award in the New Brand of the Year category, in a survey carried out by Forum Biznesu, a supplement to the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily. The competition awards the companies that are most trusted by their consumers.
  3. AB LOTOS Geonafta was awarded by the Polish Embassy in Lithuania with a prize for the most recognisable Polish brands in Lithuania.
  4. MODBIT modified bitumens were given the Najwyższa Jakość Quality International award in the "product" category. The contest is organised by the Forum Biznesu editorial team. The judging panel decided that MODBIT modified bitumens meet the highest quality standards, and at the same time recognised the quality policy applied by LOTOS Asfalt to its products and services, which meet the highest standards.
  5. LOTOS Quazar LLIII 5W-30 oil was given the Najwyższa Jakość Quality International 2012 award. This award confirms the status of the brand and its owner as industry leaders, as well as having the highest quality, both highly trusted and widely renowned. The awards are organised by the Ministry of Regional Development, Klub Polskie Forum ISO 9000 (Polish ISO 9000 Forum Club), and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
  6. LOTOS Synthetic Plus 5W-40 oil was given the Dobra Marka 2012 – Jakość, Zaufanie, Renoma (Good Brand 2012 – Quality, Confidence, Reputation) award. The award is given by the Forum Biznesu editorial team to the best, most dynamic, and most recognised brands in Poland, under the auspices of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
  7. LOTOS Quazar S 0W-20 and LOTOS Quazar S 5W-30 oils were given the Europrodukt award. This award recognises products meeting the highest quality and technology standards. The award programme is organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
  8. LOTOS' partner station in Rogów Opolski won the Service Station of the Year 2012 competition, organised by the Polski Traker monthly. Votes in the competition were cast by drivers, who were asked to choose the best service station.
  9. The main prizes in the Service Station of the Year 2012 competition were awarded to the LOTOS Optima service station located in Warsaw on Pułkowa Street (in the economy segment) and to the LOTOS service station located in Leszno on Poznańska Street (in the patronage service stations segment). The competition is organised by the publisher of Stacja Benzynowa monthly.

Management quality

  1. Grupa LOTOS ranked third in the TSR Golden Share 2012 stock-exchange ranking, organised by Grupa Total Shareholder Return is a measure used to evaluate a company's ability to create shareholder value in a given period. It combines two perspectives from which a company's performance is evaluated – internal and external. The internal perspective includes decisions taken by a company as regards cash payments, or share splits and reverse splits. The external perspective is based on its share market price and takes into account the opinions of a large group of stock exchange investors. The survey covered two periods – of three years (2009-2011) and ten years (2002- 2011).
  2. Grupa LOTOS ranked second in the annual rankings of Poland's biggest companies – The 500 List, moving up three places on last year's position. The 2011 rankings were prepared by the editorial teams of the Rzeczpospolita daily and the Polityka weekly. The Company also ranked among the top ten biggest Central and Eastern European companies, in rankings prepared by Deloitte and by the Rzeczpospolita daily, moving up from 11th to 7th. Grupa LOTOS also ranked 6th among the biggest Central European companies in a ranking published by COFACE.
  3. Paweł Olechnowicz, President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS, was named one of the Best Managers in Times of Crisis in the Bloomberg Businessweek Polska TOP 20 ranking.
  4. Paweł Olechnowicz, President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS, was awarded the Polish Honorary Quality Award in the XVIII edition of the Polish Quality Award competition. The award was established back in 1995 by the Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification, and the Teraz Polska Foundation.
  5. For the third time in a row, LOTOS Oil won the Ambassador of the Polish Economy award, in the "Foreign Business Partner" category. The competition is organised by the Business Centre Club under the auspices of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The goal of the competition is to encourage Polish entrepreneurs to become more involved in promoting Poland internationally as a reliable business partner.
  6. LOTOS Czechowice received a distinction in the XII edition of the "most dynamic SMEs in the Silesia region" ranking. The Gazela Biznesu (Business Gazelle) certificate was accepted by Tadeusz Szkudlarski, President of the Management Board.
  7. LOTOS Asfalt was recognised as the 2012 Market Innovation Leader (Rynkowy Lider Innowacji 2012). This title is awarded by the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily. The company was recognised for its innovative solutions, investments, the top quality of its products, services, and customer service, and the highest quality of its management standards.
  8. LOTOS Asfalt and LOTOS Serwis were awarded a 2012 Forbes' Diamond title in the category for biggest companies with annual revenue exceeding PLN 250m. The Forbes' Diamonds ranking was prepared by Dun & Bradstreet, and drew on companies from all around Poland which had recorded the most dynamic value growth within the past several years.
  9. The Accounting and Tax Institute (IRiP) announced the results of The Best Annual Report 2011 in accordance with the IFRS/IAS competition. The 2011 Integrated Annual Report of Grupa LOTOS ranked third in the "business" category.
  10. Henryk Gruca, President of the Management Board of LOTOS Kolej, received the Man of the Year – Friend of Railways award. The competition is organised by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe and the Railway Business Forum, and recognises outstanding achievements in the railway sector. The criteria taken into account by the judging panel include successful performance and special achievements in several areas, including economic activity, roll-out of new technologies, development of passenger and freight rail systems, investments in infrastructure, promotion of rail transport, educational, scientific, and research activities, as well as measures taken to improve the safety of railway traffic.
  11. LOTOS Kolej was awarded in the 2012 Leader of Rail Transport competition organised by the editorial team of Transport i Komunikacja magazine, and by the Rail Transport Forum employers' association. The competition promotes companies and institutions whose activities, products, services, and finished goods are deserving of special recognition and should serve as examples of their kind, contributing to the development, improvement of safety, increase in efficiency, and promotion of rail transport in Poland.
  12. At the 2012 Railwayman Day gala held in the Congress Hall of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, President of the Republic of Poland medals were awarded, with a Gold Medal for long-time service going to Henryk Gruca, President of the Management Board of LOTOS Kolej, and Mirosław Łosiński, COO. Also, 10 employees of LOTOS Kolej received ministerial medals for outstanding service to the Polish transport industry.
  13. LOTOS Kolej received a MediaKreator award in the "event, ambient, conference" category for the "Find out more about the Railways with LOTOS Kolej" ("Poznaj Kolej z LOTOS Kolej") YouTube channel. The MediaKreator statuette is awarded to companies from the railway sector which maintain an active information and promotion policy and continue to implement new methods for communication with their internal and external stakeholders. The competition is organised by KOW media & marketing.



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