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Integrated Annual Report 2012
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Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Integrated Annual Report 2012

Development plans


Prospects for the LOTOS Group's downstream segment will depend on market expectations and will be oriented towards more efficient use of the economic potential of the modernised and extended Grupa LOTOS refinery in Gdańsk.


In the retail segment, the most important plan is to expand the budget LOTOS Optima chain with new service stations and to consistently grow the Premium segment, including motorway coverage. Other growth opportunities involve establishing long-term commercial relations with international operators and beginning cooperation with hypermarket chains. We can take advantage of these opportunities thanks to our openness to novel solutions designed to facilitate mutual cooperation and settlement of accounts (e.g. electronic transfer of data and e-invoices).

Engine and industrial oils

Research on the domestic lubricant market in the passenger car engine oils segment shows a decline in demand for mineral-based products. In response to a difficult economy, we are seeking new growth opportunities. Thanks to the competitive advantage of the Oil Service offered by LOTOS Oil, we can achieve further growth in sales to industrial customers and maintain large market shares.


2012 witnessed the collapse of the road infrastructure market. Many of the construction companies engaged in road construction projects were declared bankrupt and went into liquidation. With the banks starting to withdraw from financing road projects, the slump is expected to continue in 2013. The uncertainty prevailing on the construction market invites a strategy that is underpinned by cooperation with the construction groups able to finance their operations with stable funding sources. We are also expanding our offering to include new technologies and products, like modified bitumens with an addition of rubber. Adoption by LOTOS Asfalt of a new sales policy is planned for 2013.


Development of Grupa LOTOS logistics capabilities will involve optimisation of the supply chain, consolidation of operating activities, product swapping with other market participants, further reduction in shipping and storage costs, and the increased activity and competitiveness of entities providing logistics services on the home market.


Our activities in the trading area in 2013 will focus on optimising the structure of crudes, which will mainly involve increasing the share of crude supplied by sea. Deliveries of crude produced by LOTOS Geonafta in Lithuania are also expected to begin. Work will continue on improving and further integrating the key functions and competences necessary for integrated margin management. The Gdańsk refinery's process system for export petroleum products has stabilised, so we do not expect any major movement in sales structure and volumes. Export sales volumes will depend on the volumes sold on the domestic market, and also on the volumes of crude processed at the Gdańsk refinery and the crude processing structure. Export sales volumes may fall slightly due to the maintenance shutdown of the refinery planned for spring 2013. As part of our optimisation of the supply chain, products supplementing the petroleum product mix will continue to be purchased or borrowed.


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