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Integrated Annual Report 2012
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Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Integrated Annual Report 2012

Management approach


In 2001, the LOTOS Group's marketing activities were carried out by Grupa LOTOS as well as subsidiaries: LOTOS Paliwa, LOTOS Oil, and LOTOS Asfalt. Additionally, two more companies, LOTOS Kolej and LOTOS Tank, conducted service activities within the LOTOS Group and outside it.

On January 10th 2012, Grupa LOTOS sold 100% of the shares in LOTOS Parafiny Sp. z o.o. to an entity from outside the LOTOS Group.

Also in 2012, our aviation fuel sales structure was reorganised. LOTOS Tank was originally a logistics and infrastructure subsidiary providing services for Grupa LOTOS. Late 2012, a plan to transfer the aviation fuel business from Grupa LOTOS to LOTOS Tank was devised and implemented. From the beginning of 2013, LOTOS Tank has continued as a sales and logistics company.

Key products of the marketing segment
Fuel products
  LOTOS DYNAMIC 98 gasoline – fuel offering better performance and engine protection than standard products. Contains antioxidants and washing additives. The increased content of the washing additive supports better cleaning of the engine, lengthens its useful life and economises fuel consumption.
LOTOS DYNAMIC DIESEL diesel oil – fuel for modern diesel engines. With its friction-reducing components, it offers more power efficiency and guarantees engine ignition even at -32°C. The additives significantly improve nozzle flow capacity and engine lubricity, and extend the useful life and performance of the engine.
LOTOS RED diesel heating oil (ONDCO) – owing to its special additives and low sulphur content, LOTOS RED has best-in-class parameters for oxidation resistance and anti-corrosive action. It maintains nozzle cleanness, thus extending the useful life of heating equipment. Because of these features, the product guarantees an optimised combustion process and meets all the requirements for the latest generation furnaces. In addition, it is also highly environmentally friendly, thanks to its significantly reduced emissions of noxious combustion products.
IZ-40 diesel oil – meets the requirements of arctic fuels and guarantees engine ignition at very low temperatures (CFPP of -32°C).
LPG – mixture of liquefied hydrocarbons, consisting primarily of propane and butane. With both gasses mixed in correct proportions, the LPG can achieve optimum working parameters.
Non-fuel products
Engine oils LOTOS Quazar– premium engine oils based on state-of-the-art technologies. This product line, distributed through the chain of Authorised Service Stations, is for cars which have been in use for less than three years. The LOTOS Quazar LLIII 5W-30 oil meets one of the most stringent technical specifications for passenger cars – the German VW 504.00/507.00 norm. It fits with the modern concept of dedicated engine oils which serve the needs of specific vehicle makes. In 2012, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Association of Volkswagen and Audi Dealers in Poland, which brings together authorised dealers of cars manufactured under VW’s German, Spanish and Czech car makes. Following the agreement, they became part of our group of partner brands, which had previously comprised Subaru and KIA.
LOTOS Thermal Control – product line dedicated to passenger cars and comprising synthetic semi-synthetic and mineral products. The automotive product line is supplemented by products dedicated to older cars (City line), as well as gear oils and consumable fluids.
LOTOS Turdus – product line for modern trucks. LOTOS Turdus oils meet the requirements of and have been approved by leading truck engine producers, including Man, Scania, Tatra, MB, Volkswagen, Volvo and Renault. With the support of experts around the world, the entire TURDUS line was given a technological upgrade. A new, advanced generation of oils was created, providing best-in-class protection for specialist engines compliant with the Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards. Step-by-step implementation of the new technology was begun in 2012, with completion scheduled for 2013. Work on revamping the product's naming also got under way in 2012. On its completion, consumers will be able to intuitively choose the right lubricant product for their fleet.
RG Trans – product for older lorries.
Agrol – products for agriculture applications which guarantee trouble-free performance in any weather and under any operating conditions. Agrol products meet international quality standards and the quality requirements of leading machinery manufacturers.
Marinol – highly specialised marine oils.
Industrial oils Transmil – gear oils.
Hydromil – hydraulic oils.
Remiz – turbine oils.
Plasticizers TDAE and RAE class plasticisers offered under the QUANTILUS T50 and QUANTILUS T60 brands, used by European and Asian tyre and rubber manufacturers. These products meet the requirements of the EU REACH directive concerning the registration of chemical products, and have been approved by global tire manufacturers.
Bitumens MODBIT modified bitumens – state-of-the-art bitumens that enhance road surfaces' resistance to rutting, extending their durability and increasing their resistance to extreme weather conditions. In 2012, production technology for the rubber-modified bitumen was developed. The new product will be released to market in 2013.
Petrochemical product
  Xylene fraction is a new product, launched in 2012, that is obtained through reformate splitting. It is used as feedstock in plastics production. The xylene's separation reduces the share of aromatic hydrocarbons in the range of gasoline components produced by the Gdańsk refinery. This will contribute to the greater technological flexibility of the refinery, while allowing it to sell some of the components on the fuel or petrochemical market.


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