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Integrated Annual Report 2012
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Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Integrated Annual Report 2012

Key system changes and projects

Enterprise Risk Management System (ERM)

To ensure secure and effective pursuit of our strategic and operational objectives, in 2012 we successfully implemented the enterprise risk management system at the LOTOS Group. The rules of risk identification and assessment allow us to promptly respond to threats, so as to mitigate or altogether eliminate them. Thanks to well-designed response plans, the ERM system makes it possible to adequately prepare for the occurrence of a given risk. The ERM procedures are consistently implemented, monitored and enhanced, to deliver maximum benefits for the LOTOS Group.

Risk management is operationally supported by the ERM portal - an IT system specifically designed to meet the LOTOS Group’s requirements and tailored to our needs. Thus, we have gained a tool which is improved as the internal enterprise risk management system develops.

For detailed information on the risk management policies followed by the LOTOS Group, see the "Risk management" chapter.

Process management

In 2012, we reviewed the processes in place at the Company with a view to optimising them. A process monitoring website was established to allow process owners to communicate their performance, while drawing on all available information about a given process.

Project management

In 2012, we implemented policies applicable to the management of the LOTOS Group’s projects. They are aimed to systematise and establish links between the various practices applied by individual segments. We have introduced a uniform process of launching, monitoring and reporting projects, which is designed to ensure efficient execution, effective monitoring of project status and deliverables, as well as standardisation of management methods.

In line with the introduced regulations, Segment Project Monitors have been appointed at individual segments and a special tool has been deployed to facilitate the process - an electronic register of all the LOTOS Group’s projects, by means of which it is possible to monitor their current status. We have also started a training programme focusing on project execution and documentation.

Energy Management System (EnMS)

In 2012, we continued the implementation of the energy management system compliant with ISO 50001, which aims to establish uniform standards for a range of measures designed to improve Grupa LOTOS’ energy efficiency through:

  • systematised and standardised approach to energy management across different operating areas,
  • identification of significant energy aspects of the Company’s operations,
  • documentation of sub-tasks undertaken in areas covered by the EnMS,
  • identification of upgrade and development work required to achieve energy efficiency.


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